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Tuition goes up

By on June 25, 2013

UAB announced the fall and spring tuition. Despite UAB wanting to keep the increase low, the Alabama Board of Trustees needed to raise tuition by 6 percent to pay for all state expenses.

In an effort to raise $9.6 million for the University, President Ray Watts proposed an increase in tuition of 6 percent for all students to reach the goal. The proposal which was approved on June 14 will increase the tuition for an in-state student's tuition by $252 per semester when taking 15 hours.

University of Alabama system has a combined enrollment of over 59,000 students. Despite increasing enrollment for all universities for several years, the UA systems needed to increase tuition for the past six years.

The Vice Chancellor of Finance of the UA system, Ray Hayes stated that the increase is due in large part to the increase in the number and pay of staff.

In an interview with WVTM, NBC 13, Hayes said, "Over 65 percent of our budgets are people. Salaries, the faculty and support staff to operate the universities so as you can see if you're adding students you have to add faculty. You're increasing that expense item."

Keilee Reinhart, the Vice Chancellor for systems relations, states that the state of Alabama as it has reduced funding by $168 million since 2008.

"Tuition is one of the places where the system can make up for the deficit. Unfortunately, the increases are the lowest in the past 30 years of the system," said Reinhart.

University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa has an increase of 2.5 percent for in-state students, down from last years increase of 7 percent.

University of Alabama in Huntsville has an increase of 4.5 percent down from the previous 8.6 percent.

UAB, of course, has the highest increase of 6 percent which president Ray Watts attributes to "strategic initiatives, unavoidable cost increases, student scholarship needs and salary programs."

UAB is in the middle of massive renovations and construction projects, including adding parking lots on the perimeter of campus, a new residence hall and a new student center set to open in 2015.

Jermichael Buckhannon
Staff Writer


Source: Uab