Friday, September 6, 2013

Casper College, Casper, Wyoming, USA - Education for a Lifetime!

Casper College offers more than 50 academic majors and 30 technical and career field options. The academic side of the college is organized into five different Schools: Business and Industry, Fine Arts and Humanities, Health Science, Science, Social and Behavioral Science.

Under each school are several departments. Your major area of interest, or major, is located within one of these departments. Each school of the college has a Dean and an academic assistant, both of whom can be very helpful in navigating you through a course of study.

Your Future Begins at Casper College!
Casper College is a great choice for you
if you're serious about success but don't want a lifetime of student loan debt! Casper has small town friendliness, but big city convenience. An interstate highway is on one side of town, but dirt roads into the wilderness are on the other side. Stroll through a mall, or hike Casper Mountain!

If you're deciding based on academics, we've got plenty of options. In fact, we havemore than 80 programs. Finish your certificate in one year. Finish your associate's in two years. Stay on campus a little longer and get your four-year degree, or even a master's with one of our partner institutions. Whichever option you choose, you'll be learning from the finest faculty who care about you and your future.

And Casper College is an amazing value. For Wyoming residents, tuition is less than $1200 a semester. In fact, students from many other states find that tuition at Casper College for them is less than resident tuition for colleges in their own states! With a generous scholarship program and plenty of federal aid available, tuition is affordable for nearly everyone.

Casper College is proud of its role as an institution that serves the community in many ways. Casper College offers daytime, evening and weekend courses for credit and non-credit, and hosts dozens of events that bring tens of thousands of visitors to campus each year.

In fact, Casper College's "participation rate," the percentage of citizens in the service area who take classes, is among the highest in the country. Thousands more are served through ABE/GED services, the Center for Training and Development, the Goodstein Foundation Library, continuing education classes, theatre productions, museums, conferences, special events and innovative educational programs/partnerships.

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