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Auditions and Scholarships


All entering music majors and minors must pass an entrance audition for admission to the program. A panel of three or more members of the music faculty must approve that audition. Auditions include a demonstration of performance ability, a theory assessment, and a keyboard skills assessment. Additionally, students must demonstrate some proficiency with sight reading, scales (instrumental) and aural skills (vocal).


Carthage offers a number of generous Music Scholarships by audition to music majors and non-majors. These scholarships range from $2,000 to $13,000 a year and are renewable. Each year the College awards more than $150,000 in renewable scholarships.

Scholarships are awarded in the amounts of:

$13,000 - one award
$10,000 - $7,000 - three awards
$5,000 - $4,000 - nine awards
$3,000 - nine awards

The larger awards go only to music majors, but an additional number of renewable $2,000 scholarships are awarded to both majors and non-music majors who are required to participate in one of the concert organizations and, for the first two years, to study private music lessons.

Audition Dates

January 25, 2014

The results of all music auditions are included in students' financial aid packages sent out in March by the Office of Financial Aid.

Many students audition when they are on campus for the Presidential Scholarship competition. Many others audition on one of several scheduled audition days, on a Capture Carthage day, or within reason, by appointment. Please call 262-551-5859 for more information and to arrange an audition time. You may also request an audition by sending an e-mail to:

What to prepare

Two selections of music of contrasting style. There will be sight-reading and scales (major only) asked of instrumentalists, and sight reading and exercises in tonal memory for vocalists.

Percussion: Choose two of the following areas of performance: Snare Drum, Keyboard Percussion, Timpani, Drum Set (demonstrate time, skills and soloing) * If you are auditioning in two areas, please prepare 2 selections for your primary performance area and one for the secondary. Memorization of selections is preferred for vocalists.

Accompanist: We will provide an accompanist if needed. Please bring the music with you for the accompanist on the day of your audition. If you prefer, recorded accompaniment is acceptable.

Where to go

Auditions are held in the H.F. Johnson Fine Arts Center, room 140 or room 142. This building is located just south past the chapel. Turn right when you pass the chapel heading south. There is a visitor parking lot to your left. Our building is directly north. There are two sets of doors. Please enter the southwest doors, turn to your right and go downstairs. There are practice rooms available on both floors for pre-audition warm-ups.

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