Saturday, September 14, 2013

Six students win Oregon NASA Space Grant scholarships | PCC News

Six PCC students earned 2013-14 Oregon NASA Space Grant Scholarships. From a pool of more than 100 applicants, eight community college students earned awards statewide - most being from PCC. Each student will get an award of $4,000 each for the school year. The consortium also gave out scholarships to university students.

The Oregon Space Grant Consortium, a part of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program, is a statewide network of universities, colleges, museums, educators, researchers, students and science professionals. Their charge is to promote STEM education through cooperative and interdisciplinary programs while recruiting and training NASA's next diverse workforce. To learn more about OSGC's mission, history, staff, and member institutions, go to its website.

The PCC winners are:

  • Nicholas Calstrom - Sylvania.

  • Sarah Flake - Sylvania.

  • Amanda Yocum - Rock Creek.

  • Angela Freda - Rock Creek.

  • Moira Gion - Cascade.

  • Teandre West - Cascade.

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