Friday, September 13, 2013

Daniel Comiskey

At the age of 32 (after a career as a journeyman ironworker) I enlisted in the U.S. Army. I spent 5 years in the Army as a unit level Communications Operator and Repair Technician, including the elite position of Paratrooper assigned to 165th M.I. Battalion attached to E. Co. 51st ABN (Airborne) Long Range Surveillance Co. This experience led me to the opportunity to seek a college education through MSJC. One of my most rewarding accomplishments is my involvement with the Eagle Veterans and Dependants Organization as their Scholarship and Grant Coordinator. I help MSJC College Veterans with awareness and opportunities available to them through the VA and Mt. San Jacinto College.

I hope that MSJC's investment in me will not only assist me in the accomplishment of my personal goals, but will also benefit our community.

Daniel Comiskey
Returning student at age 53
MSJC EVDO Scholarship and Grant Coordinator

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